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Types of clinical study designs, types of designs in research methodology, intervention studies, experimental studies, observational studies, non-interventional studies, non-experimental studies, pharmacoepidemiological study designs, case studies, cohort studies, case control studies, advantages, disadvantages, randomized controlled trials, significance of randomized controlled trials, parallel group trials, cross over designs, non-randomized controlled trial designs, quasi experiment, field trial, community trial, drug utilization review, drug utilization evaluation, case reports, case series, surveys, clinical trial designs,  randomization, importance of biostatistics, advantages and disadvantages of randomized controlled trials, cross sectional studies, correlational studies, types of cohort studies, advantages of cohort studies, how to design case control studies, clinical study protocol, retrospective designs, prospective designs, elements to be incorporated into clinical study protocol, how to design a parallel group study, short notes on observational studies, different types of observational studies, randomization in clinical study design, objectives of clinical study, classification of observational experimental studies, compare clinical trials and cross sectional studies, characteristics of observational studies, classification of clinical study designs, carry-over effect, surrogate and direct end point, importance of control group in clinical study, inclusion and exclusion criteria in clinical study, blinding, bias, types of cohort studies

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