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This is a topic-wise Community Pharmacy II PharmD notes according to the Syllabus Prescribed by PCI. This notes will help in the preparation & revision of the subject during exam time. I welcome any kind of suggestion and feedback for further development of the notes.


1. Definition, scope of community pharmacy; roles and responsibilities of community pharmacist

2. Community pharmacy management​- selection site, space layout and design, staff and materials- coding and stocking, legal requirements, maintenance of various registers, use of computers

3. Prescriptions- parts of prescription, legality & identification of medication related problems like drug interactions

4. Inventory control in community pharmacy- definition and various methods of inventory control

5. Pharmaceutical care- definition and principles of pharmaceutical care

6. Patient counselling- Definition, Various stages, barriers, patient information leaflets

7. Patient medication adherence

8. Health screening services

9. OTC medications

10. Health education- commonly occurring communicable diseases, role of pharmacist in family planning

11. Responding to minor ailments

12. Essential drug concept and rational drug therapy

13. Code of ethics for community pharmacists

Note: The above notes are only for preparation & revision of subject during exams. They cannot substitue the deep knowledge present in the textbooks.

Community Pharmacy Textbooks recommended by RGUHS
  1. Health education and community pharmacy by N.S. Parma

  2. Drug store and business management by Mohammed Ali & Jyoti

  3. Handbook of Pharmacy- health education Edt. Robin J Harman

  4. Comprehensive Pharmacy - Edt. Leon Shargel, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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